Why choose Streamy²?
The most important thing we looked for when redesigning the Streamy² web admin interface was ease of use. Nobody wants to get frustrated when trying to manage a digital signage system, so we tested the various iterations of the GUI with non-programmers and non technical-minded people, in order to understand if it was intuitive enough, and we think we've succeeded in this.
Streamy² has been coded with robust and mature web technologies (Php, MySQL) for a solid core, and has a sugar coating of Javascript to make everything more inspiring and easier to use. Client-side, it uses GPU hardware acceleration, making multiple full HD video reproduction a breeze, even on less powerful systems. Clients refer to the server for everything, and report everything to it, including timed screenshots. A watchdog system keeps everything under strict control.
you have the freedom to create custom layouts for your network of clients via a very intuitive web interface, placing advertising slots and HTML5 widgets over a custom-uploaded background, then you can drag and resize everything and top it all with a semi-transparent overlay which can be used for eye-candy effects. Some widgets have special properties that you will be able to set intuitively with a web inspector.
The system has been built with airport business specifics, so has a lot of useful functions to cope with existing FIDS systems and the ability to manage a network of hundreds. But its flexibility allows it to be used - as it is - even in single client/screen situations in small stores. Moreover, all the widgets are content aware, so whenever your main content area shows a specific tag, the system can trigger a specific palimpsest relative to that tag, and display specific real-time information in the HTML5 widgets area. And, if you need a quick alarm message to be shown on all the screens, there's a function for that too. See for yourself what the system is capable of, by downloading the manual or requesting a free online demo.